How Does It Work

Using advances in optics, video compression, and latency-reduction sofware, Terpon allows us to finally experience VR live to give you an amazing feeling of interaction with your favorite cam models. The broadcaster can choose from one of the models below depending on their desired quality.

Hermes 3D-VR

Live 3K 180º 30fps Webcam

Artemis 3D-VR

Live 4K 180º 60fps Camera

What do I need?

You can view our VR livestream directly through your browser by visiting You'll be able to pan and zoom with your mouse, and chat with the other VR fans.

For the best VR experience, use a VR headset like an Oculus or Gear VR and go to through the headset's built-in web browser.

VR provided by and Official Partner of Jackplusjill