About Us

  • 2013

    Jack and Jill were once neighbors. Jill was getting her mail one day when she saw Jack, who lived a few doors down from her apartment. Jill made casual conversation with Jack, complaining how she couldn't figure out how to get her webcam to work. Jack told Jill he would have no problem installing it. Once inside he quickly set everything up and asked Jill why she needed a webcam, he asked if she was in a long distance relationship. Jill told Jack about her (massive) student loans that financed her Masters degree and hinted that she was planning on camming to earn some extra money. Jack hinted that they could earn more money if he was involved. Jill joked saying she was not really interested unless Jack had something to bring to the table. Jill eventually gave Jack the opportunity to back up his claims.

    What you see today began with that encounter and is the result of this neighbor turned business partner down the hallway for a few months... then roommates for a few months.

  • 2014

    Then, in the process of doing shows in late 2014, Jack and Jill quickly fell in love, though one of them was not ready to admit it. Jill felt a terrible sense of insecurity from how much debt she was in and felt like she was not ready to get serious with someone. She had convinced herself she would be a burden to anyone she met. They did shows just the two of them for months, they walked dogs, house-sitting, resold merchandise, refinished furniture, anything to jump start their respective goals in life. Jack had goals of his own - using the extra money he had made from camming, Jack decided to enroll for his masters degree.

    Over more time together they realized they not only made a great team but felt empowered by one another. For the first time in their life, they both experienced love, companionship, and partnership all in one person. This unique mixture was a recipe for true love. It was around this time that Jill got an idea..... Jill invited one of her friends over to show her what camming was - and to meet Jack. It was very unexpected that something happened so quickly between all of them.

  • 2015

    The dynamic of performing and seducing another person together was intoxicating. They continued this relationship with this one person for about a year until they started inviting other people they met to come online with them. They began to casually ask people they came across in their daily lives - and mention camming with almost reckless abandon. These people were our earliest guests in 2015.

    Jack then proposed to Jill atop Yosemite Falls, and it became official.

  • 2016

    They would wait a year, walk into the forest surrounded by a handful of their closest family members, exchange vows under the redwoods and emerge a married couple the next year in 2016. In 2016 Jack and Jill began trying to understand people's sexuality - specifically the textures, feelings, and thoughts that triggered arousal - all became a fascination. They started inviting other couples to be on cam with them not to swap partners, but to ask them about their sex life, explain what defined pleasure between them, and to see it first-hand. From ostrich feathers and blindfolds to leather and handcuffs, they tried everything out in an effort to gather experiences to understand the nature of their own sexuality.

  • 2017

    With a lot of support from Jack, in mid-2017 Jill finally paid off her student loans. It was an enormous weight lifted off of their shoulders, in many ways it meant starting over, realigning their goals, and focusing on the next steps in their life.

  • 2018

    By the time 2018 rolled around, J+J had changed. They started off the year a little more emboldened, attending expos and events with other performers. They began to venture out to engage with fellow performers to get their unique perspective on what camming has done for their life, how it has changed them, and in some cases - having the opportunity to ask them live on their cam shows. In April 2018, Jack completed his Thesis on aquaponics and the Masters Program he was enrolled in, thus getting "his life back". Jack used money, in part, from viewers to pay for his degree and wants everyone to know that he is incredibly thankful for the opportunity you all have given him both personally and professionally. J+J has switched to saving for a house and Jack's future business: a scaled up version of his aquaponic system that he says will help change the way future generations think about how we grow our food. Its been hard work and has come at a cost. We have worked 7 days a week for the last 4.5 years, juggling demanding careers and camming on the weekends. Camming certainly is akin to "selling your soul on the internet" and it's not a decision to be taken lightly. A lot of people don't understand we are just normal people with hopes and dreams stumbling through life making it up as we go. When we chose to cam that first day, we had no idea what we were getting into. If we could go back in time to that moment, we would have thought a bit harder and had a lot more mixed emotions about the decision before we chose to click that button - out of desperation to change our lives. Some of you have witnessed the profound changes we have undergone over the last few years, some of you are just getting to know us. The point of telling this story is simply to say thanks to the people who thought we were worth their time. Thanks for investing your hard-earned money and precious time to build this social bond with us and watch us experience things we never have. We didn't set out to live this life, we think it just sort of happened in large part by chance - and you all get to watch it happen.